Best Parkour Shoes Guide And Reviews For 2015

Proper shoes can create a massive difference for just about any training, but just in case of Parkour (and based on it Totally free Running) it is also dependent on security. Regardless of the best parkour footwear you are able to land badly and acquire hurt, however with bad 1, the risk of that is much-much higher.

Hopefully that whenever reading via this short post you’ll be aware everything about choosing good Parkour shoes or FreeRunning shoes that meets completely your requirements and preferences.

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5 Very best Shoes for Parkour reely Running

The Most Essential Choices that come with Good Parkour reely Running Footwear

Top Brands of Parkour reely Running footwear

Shoe Models Comparison Table


5 Best shoes for Parkour reely Running

We start from what we should think is effortlessly probably the most interesting for males who get onto this site, the right Parkour and FreeRunning shoes.

To begin with there’s no perfect parkour shoe for everyone. What shoes to select is dependent inside your Parkour proficiency in addition to your objectives.

Plus regardless of the truth that Parkour and FreeRunning exist individually now, the shoes that is great for Parkour is going to become also ideal for FreeRunning, because each sports necessitates the same performance traits from the shoe.

Inside our five best shoes we collected the very very best Parkour athletic shoes for novice and experienced traceurs, minimal and higher impact shoes that you ought to choose a pair that reacts to your objectives.

Vivobarefoot Neo: the very very best Minimal Parkour and Totally free Operating Footwear


In minimalist shoes you’ll have the surface which you land, spring or hang extremely nicely.

Plus Vivobarefoot have all the feaures exactly what a great Parkour shoes ought to have. They light however durable, confident with flexible and grippy sole.

This shoe is useful for newbies too for pros of Parkour and FreeRunning.

Choose these shoes should you searching for enhanced feel in the ground, with a few stability for that feet.

Nike Free Run two – the extremely very best heavy influence Parkour and Free Operating footwear

Nike Totally free Run 2 is really flexible shoes with fairly decent sturdiness and grip (although it can wear wet and smooth surfaces).

The primary factor relating to this shoe is truly a padding and support which aren’t obtainable in barefoot operating shoes.

So Nike Totally free Run two is the perfect shoe for heavy influence parkour training, whenever you want some padding for a lot softer landing.

Puma Faas 500v2 – the very very best Parkour shoe for novices


Though skilled traceurs would rather practice Parkour in minimalist shoes, newbies might be not ready yet on their behalf.

Our ft muscle tissues get lazy from putting on encouraging shoes all of our existence, by wearing minimal operating shoes we jeopardizing to acquire hurt, simply because starting to make use of our ft inside a different way.

Habits it’s generally easier to begin practice Parkour with elevated padded and encouraging shoes and progressively alter to some factor minimal.

And Puma Faas 500v2 is really a excellent choice of this type of shoes. And so they have amazing gripping sole, which will stay with any surface, in addition to extremely durable construction. These shoes assists you lengthy sufficient to turn out to be well worth the cash.

Vibram five fingers – the extremely best shoes for skilled traceurs


These shoes are just like mitts for the ft, they extremely light and versatile. It is prefer to practice barefoot, nevertheless with protection against scratches together with other scare tissue.

Anytime you practice Parkour barefoot you make use of your legs completely various.

Barefoot training enables you to master Parkour approaches to particulars. Much more encouraging shoes masque these problems inside your actions, but training barefoot discloses will help you to correct them.

Why to rehearse barefoot and set bandages in your ft or clean them from grime. If you are in a position to possess a comparable benefits by placing on five fingers shoes.

Vibram 5 fingers can help you reach a totally new degree of one’s Parkour routine. And just what kind of skilled treceur doesn’t want that happend?

Feiyue Fighting Techinques Shoes – the very very best cheap Parkour Footwear


Parkour or FreeRunning are fairly tough on shoes, in addition to probably the most tough pair will not last in excess of six several weeks for any traceur who’s training frequently.

Habits not everybody really desires to spend plenty of money on shoes.

Feiyue Fighting Techinques shoes are among the smartest choice for inexpensive shoes for Parkour. But, honestly you obtain for which you need to pay.

Though they are cheap, they’ll place on off truly quick, consequently if to summarize just just how much spent on inexpensive shoes following a year of Parkour practice, the main difference wouldn’t be so large with just how much you’d have allocated to more costly but stronger shoes.

Though, it is all dependent on individual option.

When it comes to performance Feiyues are pretty decent: sole has great traction with any surface, flexible and lightweight shoe.

The most crucial options that include great Parkour or FreeRunning Footwear


The right Parkour shoe ought to become very lightweight. It ought to safeguard your ft, although not hinder your speed and agility. That is why heavy shoes will always be a poor option.

Fit and luxury

That is essential for shoes to turn out to be comfy as they’re. If your shoe is uncomfortable the extremely initial second putting it on, it’ll most likely be intolerable after a number of hrs of training.

As was talked about prior to do not mix comfort with “cushioness” because the last is truly not what you would like inside your training shoes, at list if you would like strengthen your ft rather than continuously according to shoes assistance.


Traceur experiences shoes very fast, habits sturdiness is among the important issues to think about, when selecting a set of shoes.

Sole qualities

Though, we place it in the finish, sole is truly probably the most essential factor about athletic shoes for FreeRunning or parkour. When selecting footwear with a decent for Parkour sole you should think about its thickness, grip, design and versatility.

Thickness and versatility

Factor and versatile sole is a lot much more much more appropriate by Parkour than thick and stiff. In shoes with factor versatile sole you’ll possess the surface you’re nicely on far much better. That will assist you to to avoid errors, because improper landing is going to become painful, and consequently enhance your skills.


Soles made from various materials will put on off in a various way and can have various traction level. A lot softer materials are usually grip much better but place on off fast, while hard materials can last longer, though might be slippery on wet or smooth surfaces. You have to determine by yourself furthermore important for you personally or choose some thing in the centre with regular grip and sturdiness.


One piece sole is really a lot more durable than the usual sole constructed of various segments glued together. People segments frequently disappear or put on off following a month of intense Parkour training.


Never buy shoes with plastic about the sole had you been arch said to become. Landing on metal rails such sports shoes may trigger you discomfort, plus you are able to slip off effortlessly because of insufficient traction.

Otherwise, shoes with greater arch support might be good, particularly for beginners. Although it is recommended to choose aspect and versatile sole regardless of poor arch assistance, because in plain and simple shoes become familiar with to make use of strength of one’s archways.

Top Models and brands of Parkour reely Operating Footwear

We shared your personal opinion on that are leading shoes for FreeRunning and Parkour concerning various requirements and objectives, but you’ll find many shoes, which are well-liked by traceurs and wasn’t incorporated in five very best shoes totally free of charge Run and Parkour. We’ll discuss these shoes within this section.

K-Swiss Parkour and FreeRunning Footwear

K-Swiss Ariake III

K-Swiss Ariake is a great shoe totally free of charge Run and Parkour specifically for fresh treceures. But it’s extremely hard to discover it seems like lately it sold-out everywhere, in the event you enjoy it and can have the capability to help you find will go for this rather than Puma traceur’s shoes like Faas 500.

K-Swiss Tubes 100

Tubes 100 is yet an additional shoe utilized by traceurs for Parkour. We cannot recommend it due the only will work nicely on concrete and may put on wet or smooth surfaces. And sliding is dangerous for traceurs existence.

FiveTen Parkour and FreeRunning Footwear

All FiveTen shoes philosophy is among the shoes developed for harmful sports like climbing, totally free ride, sky diving and freerunning. And they currently know great traction is truly a provision for such sports so they’re doing their finest creating shoes with great grip.

They’re good shoes, even though not perfect for our thoughts. If you’re thinking about FiveTen’s you can test Chase, Marvel or models.

Know Obstacles Parkour Shoes (KO Gen2)

would be the initial shoes made especially for Parkour. Numerous men adore them, numerous don’t. The main issues in the shoe are sole quality (some pairs of shoes go defective straight in the box, getting a sole that’s badly glued on) and versatility and sole thickness (is going to be acceptable for majority, but veterans and those that practice balancing a great deal do not enjoy it). Nevertheless sole stickiness is fairly great and it has plenty of reviews which are good).

Nike Parkour and FreeRunning Footwear

We suggested Nike Free Run 2 since the most flexible Nike shoe, but Nike also offers firmer and cushier models in the event that that which you search for.

Nike Dart 10

Nike Dart 10 is truly a cushier and firmer parkour shoe. It is decent grip on various surfaces in addition to good sturdiness. This Nike shoes can last you against 3 a number of weeks to some year, for the way often you train and just how difficult.

Kalenji Shoes for Parkour

Kalenji shoes are among probably the most extensively utilized shoes amongst traceurs. They may be not the most efficient however the price means they’re very appealing as choice of cheap Parkour shoe.

Whilst you probably know Parkour began in France exactly where Kalenji are easy to purchase (as well as with other European country), that’s 1 more purpose why they’re very popular. But when you are from US or Australia, you best choose other accessible options, because hassle to locate Kalenji, does not worth your time and work.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 shoes free of charge Running and Parkour

Onitsuka is however an additional popular alternative of athletic shoes for Parkour. They’ve decent grip on the majority of surfaces, they stunning encouraging along with a bit stiff and is make exactly the same category as Puma Faas 500v2, KO’s or Nike Dart ten.


The the fact is that there’s nobody shoe that’ll be the extremely very best for Parkour or FreeRunning, a great deal is dependent in your individual preference. But hopefully that individuals assisted you to understand criteria of the good shoe for traceur generally. And also you could discover the shoe which suits the finest inside our 5 best Parkour and FreeRunning shoes.