Emergency Transfer to Leeds!!!

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Well I’m sooo tired! This week has been madness!!!

So I’ll breakdown this last week.

Monday we had district meeting. I went to the Gateshead district and there was a really good instruction. It was on how to be a happy missionary and to always look at the positives, so I was happy about that! Then we were following up with the teams and I got a call from the mission office and it was President! The first thing he asked me was if I was sitting or standing, so of course the first thing I think of is “someone died….” He then told me he wanted me to be one of his assistants. I was shocked…. he then told me I would be going to Leeds that day and that the assistants were going to come and collect me. I was then told not to tell anyone. So we finished the followups and then we went to a chinese buffet. Then I got a call from the AP’s saying they were going to be there in an hour and that I could only take one bag. So we rushed home and I had like 20 minutes to pack my bag and then I left and I had to have Elder Pineda and two others pack my stuff for me… they did pretty well. We then started driving and I spoke with President and he told me that I would be companions with Elder Putnam and I was wayyy excited!! So we drove down to Hull to pick up Elder Putnam and then we had a meeting with President and had to do transfer calls… So we didn’t go to bed until late.
Tuesday we woke up and went to the office and did loads of stuff to prepare for transfers! We then had meetings all day with President. Then we prepared loads of stuff for the new missionaries and for the missionaries going home. We then found some time to eat and we went to a BBQ restaurant called “Reds.” It’s amazing and I want to buy mom a t-shirt. It’s a little sac-religious restaurant because everything on the menu had to do with the Bible. The food was delicious! They also have a doughnut burger that I’m getting later this week!!! Then we went to the chapel where we hold transfer meeting and we went and prepared for the meeting and set up tables and chairs and cleaned and then we finally got home and got a little bit of sleep.

Wednesday was MADNESS!!!! We woke up and got ready. We then went to the chapel and waited for the coach to drop off the new missionaries. We then had the new missionaries go through orientation and Elder Putnam and I instructed on the 12 week program which all new missionaries go through. We then had to take the missionaries to the mission home for lunch and then we brought them back for the transfer meeting!!! Elder Weitzel had to help President instruct the new trainers, Elder Gee (the old ap) instructed the new zone leaders, and so Elder Putnam and I had to run the whole transfer meeting by ourselves… It was ridiculous!!! haha But it went really well! Afterwards we had to make sure everyone got on the right coaches so they got back to their areas. Then we took the missionaries that were going home to the mission office so they could weigh their bags and then have their last interviews. That took a while but it was good. We then went to the mission home for food and then for departing testimonies… It was really sad to see some missionaries go home, like Elder McCoy. We then got everyone to where they would sleep that night and by the time we went to bed it was like 12:30 AM.

Thursday we woke up at 3:00 AM and got ready to pick everyone up and drive them to Manchester airport and send them off. Most of the missionaries had an 8:00 AM flight but there were a couple that left around 11:00 so we were at the airport all morning. We then went back to the office to finish up some work and get ready for the weekend. We then had a tea at Nando’s and went to bed reasonably on time.
On Friday Elder Putnam and I went to a weekly planning session and then to lunch with the missionaries! It was a lot of fun. We then went back to the office and kept working on all the stuff that we needed to do. At night we went to a tea appointment and it was sooo amazing, haha it was like real food! Plus the family is super amazing!!!
Saturday was very busy! We came into the office in the morning and took some action plans from the teams and then we had a little time for ourselves. We went to see the Leeds 1 sisters because they set up a booth at a festival and we went and helped for a little bit. We then got the car washed and drove to York to go to a baptism and to Bridlington for a nightly planning. It was good because we got to see a lot of new missionaries!!

Sunday… we went to Hull so Elder Putnam could see his recent convert get confirmed and then we came back and had lunch with the office couple we live with. Then we came into the office and now here I am…. haha well I’ll be up all night doing reports and then have a meeting at 8:00 AM so it’s going to be a long night!! But I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Mosley


Transfer week!


February 13, 2013

Well everyone sorry about the late email…. The computers were down yesterday and it was a huuuuugggggeeeee pain… but I’m….. STAYING!!!! Ahhhh 6 months in Bradistan hahahha but I’m actually really happy. I’m ready to get this place going and to get some things happening. I’m sick of being here with little to zero success. And I’m still working with Elder Barnett. So we will see how long I stay alive – but some crazy things are happening. The missionary that I trained, Elder Schuster, is TRAINING!!! I’m so excited because he is still in Leeds so I’ll see them every week. And also Elder Christensen from AZ and from my group is coming to Leeds so I’ll see him all the time as well!! It’s sooo great! All the districts were changed and now I don’t have the other Bradford missionaries in my district, I have sisters….so this should be an interesting 6 weeks.

Recently we have been working with a lot of less active members and families and it has been a lot of fun to get to know them. And, it is a lot easier to get in the door :) But, since we don’t have many investigators and Mike was in India we needed to do some sort of teaching because I am sick of 7 hour knocking and street contacting days. One family in particular is the Watson family. They are seriously the best family ever!!!!!! We have been working with them to come back to church and they have now come 2 weeks in a row! So, we are off to a good start! And, last week we had 4 less active members and 1 investigator at church which was sooo great!

We are still trying to work with Alex and Laura, but they have been flogging lessons lately and its annoying and very saddening. But, we are still trying. We found a new investigator named Chris! He is in his 60′s and it was a really goood lesson. We taught him about the plan of salvation and he is seriously one of the nicest guys.

We had a super crazy experience at the bus station this week where a crazy lady was trying to hurt herself and I was calming her down until the police got there. She is someone who needs to be in a mental hospital and I just felt sooo bad that some people are like that. But, I guess we are all a little crazy (especially our family) but I know that the Lord put us in her path so we could help her.

So about packages… Anyone who wants to send me one feel free! I’m still at the same address:

111 Regency Court

Feel free to send me loads of candy (hot tamales, sweedish fish, twizlers, etc.) and anything else and send some letters! That’d be fantastic! But ya it’s crazy… the Bradford City football club (soccer) made it to WEMBLY!!!! So there will mostlikely be a parade because Bradford City is a horrible team!!! hahaha But it has brought the city sorta together and that is really exciting!

Ummm there isn’t really anything else to report on… I played football yesterday and our team killed it! haha but ya this should hopefully be an exciting transfer!!!


Post me some pictures please! :)

Love Elder Mosley

11 Month Mark!

February 4, 2013

Well another week down and I hit my 11th month mark!!! Soooo crazy! Time is going by soooo fast! So this week has been very difficult for me. We had a little success but not looking too promising… But the Lord always has something planned for us!

So on Monday we watched Ice Age 4 and it was pretty good! Then we hung out with the rest of the zone. After p-day we were messing around and I jumped on my comps back and ripped my pants all down my rear and crotch hahahaha! I might try to sew it back together but not looking too promising. That’s why they were only 5 pounds and lasted 2 1/2 months. But that is pretty good for wearing them every day! We then went on exchanges and I worked with Elder Smith in his area which is always a good experience.

Tuesday we had breakfast at a members and it was sooo good. We had English pancakes with bacon and sausage wrapped in it with whipped cream! It was interesting but soo good! We then went to Bradford University and talked with some students on the street. I love the university here. PS I would love to come back and go to Leeds Uni. But it’s kinda $$$ – especially as the government would not help whatsoever. We then tried by some people but nothing worked out. We went to tea at a members and then went to reach out, which is when members put their names down to say they can go with us to visit investigators. We were supposed to have 5 members come and no one showed up. I was soooo upset. We had to cancel appointments and everything which makes us look bad. It’s because our ward mission leader is in India and no one called us.

Wednesday we had district meeting which was good. I instructed on How to Begin Teaching in PMG and it was a lot better than I planned. We then had lunch and had loads of finding. We then had tea with a less active member who gave me loads and loads of food. And he gave me way more vegetables than I ever needed. So I was a little bummed but the BBQ chicken was pretty good. But then we had a little finding and not much happened.

Thursday we had a couple things lined up that all fell through so kinda a bummer. We then had tea at a part member family and we had enchiladas. I can’t wait to have real Mexican food!! We then tried by this referral and it was in a super sketchy Muslim area at night. I was a little worried but all turned out well and we set up a return appointment! But we then missed our bus and had to walk home. But oh well, it was a little bit of extra exercise!

Friday everything fell apart. Nothing really worked out and we had like 7 hours of finding which is never fun especially when no one is listening.

Saturday was pretty good though! We saw a less active in the morning but then went to a potential lesson and we taught him the first lesson! We scheduled him for baptism! So yay!

Sunday we didn’t have any investigators at church because we don’t have any except Mike who is in India until tomorrow night and Ron which we don’t have a phone number for him… After church we went to a member’s and had lunch and then we worked until we took tea at 8:00. Nothing really has been happening – but we are still trying!

Love, Elder Mosley


Ahhhhhh so I’m just dead right now… I’m just super tired of everything. But it’s the start of week 4… So there are only a couple more weeks until transfers and I’ll probably be gone. But knowing my luck… that’s not going to happen. Soooooo to start off with my driving test…. CANCELLED!!!! I was sooooo mad when they called because it wasn’t even snowing. I tried to explain to him that I would probably be leaving soon and I wouldn’t want to have to pay another instructor loads of money to allow me to use his car. I’m sooooo angry. They rescheduled me for the 13th of MARCH! I was soooooooo angry when I read that email. It’s seriously a joke. So it looks like I’m not getting my licence any time soon. So this week has been really tough especially with all the snow. It’s been a huge pain.

On Tuesday we had a zone training meeting and interviews with President Lindley. It was really good. I didn’t really have that long of an interview. I talked to one of the AP’s and he said that’s a good thing. But I don’t really think so because I love to talk… It’s a bad Mosley habit. I find that I talk a lot more since I’ve been on my mission. I just get sooo bored especially in the flat. I’m about to kill all 3 of the other elders.. But we will see if I can hold out hahaha

On Wednesday I had a driving lesson because I thought I would be taking my test but……. oh well. We then tried by some potentials but no one was in or answered our calls so we walked a lot in the snow which was sorta fun… not really. We then went and had tea at our ward mission leaders house who is seriously the funniest person ever! His knowledge of the gospel and some of the craziest doctrines is amazing so I usually call him if I have any questions. We then went and saw a less active and she said that she would feed us so yay!! Free food! haha Because I’m kinda lazy and don’t like to go to the store so I try to get as many meal appointments as possible or just eat at Rajas. It costs £1 for a 2pc. chicken and chips… You can’t beat that!!

Thursday we went and saw a less active and then had finding, knocking and street contacting for the rest of the day. Nothing came of it. It was super depressing. We had tea at a member’s home and we had really good ham. They live far away so it takes forever for us to get back.

Friday I was just really mad since my driving test was cancelled. No one wanted to talk to us so I was not in the best mood. We then went to tea which was ok. Then we went and taught one of our investigators. He is amazing but is also just really difficult. He asks ridiculous questions and my companion can’t really answer them…. So it’s pretty much me answering most questions…. It helps my knowledge of the gospel but I can’t do it by myself. After there was a huge huge snow storm and the investigator drove us home. He is seriously the nicest guy ever and just wants to know the truth. It’s a huge blessing to be able to teach him. But he is going to Inda for a week so we get a break from his questions! haha

Saturday we saw another less active member because we don’t really have any investigators. He is doing good but couldn’t come to church. We then went and had some finding and we got one potential! whooooooohooooo! haha So we will see how that turns out. We then went to have tea at a member’s and they ordered pizza which was good. Then we saw another less active who told us she was going to come to church but didn’t…… ahhhh sooo annoying…. We will see them again this week!

Sunday we had 0 investigators at church which was super depressing. We just don’t have anyone to teach. We then came home and I ate the last of my food for lunch so then I was out of luck for dinner. Then we did a little bit of finding but we missed our bus because my companion didn’t run…… It was annoying but oh well, all is well. We then had a potential lesson with someone who lives on the other side of our apartment complex. He is a “Born Again” Christian and he asked us loads of questions and had us read loads of scriptures so he could prove his point. I told him that John the Baptist was resurrected and he wanted to know where he got his head… I told him I would tell him next time he met with us! hahah So, we are seeing him next Thursday. We invited him to be baptised and then he invited us to be baptised if we found out that we were wrong. haha I was dying laughing it was great!!

Well, I love you all!!!


Elder Mosley

Freezing in Bradford

Well, it’s still snowing….. a lot. But we BAPTISED!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYA! Our investigator is just sooo great! It was an amazing baptism, I forgot my camera cord so I’ll send pictures next week.

Last week we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elder Serrano came and worked with me in Bradford. It was really good! We tried by some Muslim potentials but they weren’t really interested in becoming Christans. Then we had a lot of knocking doors and talking to people in the streets.

On Wednesday we had district meeting which went pretty well. I’m getting ok at instructing now… Afterwards we got lunch and I had a driving lesson. By the way, my test is on Friday so pray for good weather!!!!!!! I’m ready and I can pass I just need them to let me drive! Then I can be done spending Dad’s money for it. :) We then went to a member’s for tea and went home teaching. We went to the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency’s house and I  taught the lesson.

Thursday we had loads of finding….. and not a lot of success… It was sooo cold that day. At night we went to go teach one of our investigators and he was asking ridiculous questions…. Questions that no one ever thinks of. For example, if the priesthood was lost does that mean John the Beloved died?? haha it’s crazy what he comes up with.

Friday was more of the same. Just loads of finding but we got into a house and taught someone!!!! She was looking for answers and we answered most of them. But she doesn’t live in our area she was actually at a less active member’s house and we are now going to be teaching the less active member that was lost!!! It was sooo amazing to see the blessing that God gave us.

Saturday!!! BAPTISMMMM!!!! It was sooo great! We had to shovel snow for about 2 hours before the baptism so people could park their cars… It was ridiculous. Then after they had loads of food. After that we tried by a investigator’s house but he wasn’t in. The baptism went soooo well. He was soooo happy! Everything went smoothly and only had to do it once! His cousin baptized him and he was really happy! I’ll send pics next week!!!

Sunday was good. We had one investigator at church so that was a bummer but we got to teach him after church. He has loads of questions but he is doing really reallly well!

There is not much else to report on. But I love you all and be sure to write me letters!!

LOVE, Elder Mosley